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Our presence is powerful and we can use it to spread all kinds of things out into the world. When we begin spending our time searching for the good and sharing that back out, we help inspire others to experience the same. This also applies when we choose to focus on all of the fears, negativity, and discord around us, others will feel the effects of our focus and presence -- it is contagious.

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See what happens when you practice using your presence as a tool to tip the scales towards more joy and acceptance in the world. Nurture yourself and strengthen your presence by noticing and savoring the blessings around you each and every day. Use your voice to spread out words of encouragement and acceptance.

And remember to tell yourself often that all is well. If you liked this post and are looking for new ways to adopt joyful habits and create a life practice that has you enjoying your life, check out Emily's new E-Course, Fall in love With Your Life One Week at a Time.

Blessings of the Heart

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Blessings of a Broken Heart

HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Overview Educators need encouragement just like everybody. Teachers are the building blocks for our future generations. Giving up of themselves on a daily basis, teachers appreciate encouraging words and well wishes, reassuring them that they are making a difference in the lives of others.

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This Box of Blessings: The Heart of a Teacher collection is a perfect gift for educators of all kinds. Each card has a scripture verse on it that is easy to read and meditate on. Teachers can carry the card with them throughout the day and reflect on the scripture, applying it to their life. Product Details.

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This frequency nourishes all life streams of our planet. This sacred elixir was created over the September Full Moon, and then further activated and sanctified over the Spring Equinox. Instructions for using your elixir accompany each elixir. These include a divine activation prayer as well as two different mantras to deepen your elixir connection experience.

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