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Check Your English Vocabulary for PET : Vocabulary Workbook

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Academic Vocabulary in Use with Answers Academic Vocabulary in Use 50 units of academic vocabulary reference and practice Self-study and classroom use Michae The Red Cross still uses the blood collection method that was pioneered by Dr. Charles Richard Drew in the s. The doctor asked the nurse to give Sarah a narcotic to ease her pain while she recovered from her surgery. Between 20 and 40 million people around the world died in the flu pandemic of Match the vocabulary words below to their meanings, using each word once.

Then use the circled letters to solve the mystery word. Circle the letters that correspond to the correct answer s to the questions below. There may be more than one answer for each question. A suffix is an ending added to a word to create a new word. The new words are similar in meaning to the original, but they are different parts of speech. Central Medical Supply Ltd. Write the name and address of the customer who is receiving the medical supplies listed on this sales receipt. The teachers had a debate over whether the private school should be open all year long or whether it would close for summer holidays.

Jessica debated whether she should accept the new job; it was a good opportunity, but she really liked the job she already had. The proposed anti-smoking law has to be debated and passed by Parliament before it can take effect. There may be more than one correct answer for each question. Their offices on Parliament Hill and in their constituencies are magnets for people's requests, concerns, problems and ideas.

In his or her own way, each MP forms a bridge between the regions of Canada and the federal government in Ottawa. In their work, MPs deal with an amazing array of issues and meet people from across their constituency and around the world. MPs champion causes , help people and develop and implement national policies. At the end of the day, only the MPs themselves can say whether they are satisfied with their contributions and whether they feel they have made a difference. And once every four or five years, Canadian voters put them to the test, as well. Adapted from the website of the Parliament of Canada.

Through handwriting analysis , an expert can predict personality traits by examining the way a person writes with a pen or pencil. The mayor and city councillors examined the schematic diagram the architect had drawn of the new shopping mall. Match the phrases in Column A with those in Column B to make complete sentences.

Put the correct letters on the lines provided. Use each phrase once. White was not happy with the small deck at the back of her house. She came up with several good arguments to 1 the expense of building a larger deck. After much coaxing, she was able to 2 her husband to hire a contractor to 3 the existing deck and make it more acceptable. The Whites called a contractor to get a rough 4 of what it would cost for materials and labour. After an 5 of the construction and condition of the existing deck, the contractor felt that it would be possible to 6 new pieces of lumber with the existing boards.

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The contractor came up with a 7 drawing to 8 implementation of the new design idea. He also took measurements and wrote down an accurate 9 of the required materials and their cost. Of course, there was also a quote on what it would cost to complete the 10 or attachment of the individual boards to the rest of the deck. A synonym is a word that means the same or almost the same as another word. Match the vocabulary word to its synonym. Name the essential skill that includes decision making and organizing. The owners of the pet store plan to change to a computerized system of bookkeeping next year.

A company's general ledger is the main accounting record that lists all of its business dealings within the business year. Statistics Canada is a government department that presents statistical information such as employment, work accidents, income and population. A business transaction may be as short as a phone call to request an account balance or as long as the life of a mortgage. Every business needs a 1 system to keep track of its financial business 2 carried out with other parties.

Accounting forms are used to record changes in 3 such as revenues money received and expenses money spent.

Each day, items of value that have been exchanged are recorded in a 4. On an income statement, the 5 , or cost of the salaries of the employees, is recorded as a business expense. A combination of all the accounts appears in a 6 7. Bookkeepers must 8 the books so that the debits and credits are balanced. Some use software programs to balance the ledger, while others use a 9 approach. The 10 information bookkeepers provide is useful for managers, bankers, investors and government.

Bookkeepers maintain complete sets of books, keep records of accounts , check the procedures used for recording financial transactions and provide personal bookkeeping services. They are employed throughout the private and public sectors , or they may be self-employed. There are many bookkeepers in this province. The main responsibility of all bookkeepers is to keep financial records and set up, maintain and balance various accounts for their clients. They do calculations and check financial transactions for their employers or clients, and they make sure good records are kept, according to legal requirements and good business practices.

To do this, they use computerized and manual bookkeeping systems. Specifically, they post journal entries and reconcile accounts, maintain general ledgers and prepare financial statements. They calculate and prepare cheques for payrolls and for utility , tax and other bills. They complete and submit tax forms, workers' compensation forms, pension contribution forms and other government documents. They also prepare tax returns and perform other personal bookkeeping services and prepare other statistical , financial and accounting reports. Name the two types of bookkeeping systems referred to in the job description.

Give two examples of utility bills that a bookkeeper might receive in the mail. These are the vocabulary words from Unit 4. Carol did not owe any money when she picked up her airline ticket because she had paid for it two months in advance. The customer service department answers calls from people who have questions about the company's products.

As secretary to the general manager, she was responsible for writing letters to corporate leaders. Three words or ideas on each line are similar and one is different. Circle the one that does not belong. Complete the analogies using the vocabulary worded below. It has come to my attention that attendance in the clerical department has become an issue in recent months. It has been reported that staff frequently arrive late and depart early.

Our policies and procedures manual clearly states that office hours are from a. Our customer service staff members depend on this department to be available to prepare documents and retrieve information during these hours.

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If you need to change your work schedule to accommodate personal appointments, please let your team leader know a few days in advance so that appropriate staffing can be arranged. Thank you for your cooperation regarding this matter. If a staff member needs to leave early for an appointment, what does he or she need to do? The envelope should show the full mailing address of the addressee , including the postal code.

While he was waiting to see his client, Ralph briefly reviewed his notes from their last meeting. To make sure the client would receive the package the same day, Carlos called a courier service to pick it up and deliver it.