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Crippling Great Britain's monetary system in a single day made him one of the most powerful and profitable money managers in the financial world. Michael Lewis used his experience as a bond salesman in the heyday of Salomon Brothers for this legendary book. He chronicles his own work experiences and also offers a big-picture take on Wall Street during a boom time when the mortgage-backed security market caught fire. Are you interested in learning how the world really works?

This book by economist Steven D. Levitt and journalist Stephen Dubner looks beneath the surface of various everyday and not so everyday situations and breaks down how things work. For instance, do you believe you're getting the best deal if you're a homeowner who hires a real estate agent to sell your house? You might be surprised.

The book also explores the economics of the worlds of drug dealing and Sumo wrestling, among a wide array of other topics. In this book, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter looks at what creates competitive advantage in a particular industry. Michael Porter is widely acclaimed for his Porter's Five Forces framework, an economic tool that analyzes a business' competition. Charles Kindleberger, a former MIT economics professor, explored the nature of financial crises in this book.

People are constantly investing their time and energy in the world as citizens, business owners, and consumers.

In her book, Katherine Collins says what is needed is a transformation of the investment process. These issues can cause decisions to be put on hold or fail to be properly implemented. The book is geared toward financial advisors and investors looking to expand their technical knowledge of the evidence-based investing world. In it, they look at portfolio construction and offer a roadmap for investors who want to refine their portfolio.

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They also offer information on what it takes to build a more efficient portfolio, all based on hard data and research. His analysis can help investors and advisors come up with reasonable expectations and value-added investing ideas as it explores the fundamental principles that drive the stock market. These methods are considered the starting point for all top-down analysis. Using these techniques should help investors gain insight into technical methodologies and find indications of nascent trends. It offers tools managers can use to be better leaders and ways they can contribute to sustainable growth in their firms.

It also offers ways to diagnose a firm's culture and reveals ways to replicate best practices being implemented at leading firms.

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Sales is about getting people to trust and accept you and to buy a product or an idea. In his book, Tom Hopkins offers hundreds of ideas for improving sales skills based on proven techniques and strategies. Readers will get tips on how to increase their sales and have their common concerns and questions addressed in an easy-to-read fashion. Readers will learn the art of persuasion and how to adapt it to their business.

The first system is a fast, intuitive, and emotional one. He also explores the effect of cognitive biases on behavior as varied as investors playing the stock market to families planning their yearly vacation. In the British colony of Hong Kong was due to be handed back to the Chinese. Thus the acronym was coined for those who were willing to brave Hong Kong in the lead-up to , and immediately after it: Failed in London, Try HongKong.

Factor price equalisation is an economic theory proposed by Paul Samuelson which holds that over time, the prices of identical factors of production — such as wages — will equalised across countries, as a result of international trade in commodities. The concept rests on an assumption that there are two goods and two factors of production, i.

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The fiscal year is a U. Fiscal year is also a term used to describe the tax year that some U. An annual summit continues to be held each year, along with emergency meetings held in-between as needed. It refers to a new category of income for U. The tax authority in the country in which an expatriate is resident.

Its head offices are in London. A relatively new term; the IDD was created in June by the European Parliament and the European Commission, when they decided to re-cast and repeal an earlier set of EU regulations covering the insurance industry, known as the Insurance Mediation Directive, at that point known as IMD1. The original IMD was created to establish a single market for insurance intermediaries and the sale of retail insurance. Over time, it was felt this needed to be overhauled, particularly in the wake of the financial crisis, and plans to re-cast it, as IMD2, were drawn up.

The Insurance Mediation Directive was a package of legislation created by the European Parliament and the European Commission, in an effort to establish a single market for insurance intermediaries and for the sale of retail insurance.

It was replaced in by the Insurance Distribution Directive. See IDD. The Individual Retirement Account is a type of tax-advantaged retirement plan that is standard in the U. It is provided by U. Such clients are typically told that they must move their account to a provider willing to accept American expat clients. The IRS is a bureau of the U. Department of the Treasury, and is headquartered in Washington D. The Joint Committee on Taxation is a non-partisan committee of the U. Congress, originally established under the Revenue Act of Recently the JCT has been involved in considering how the U.

Japanese Government bonds, as the name suggests, are issued by the Japanese government. The government pays interest on the bonds until maturity, at which point the bond is returned to the bond-holder. Like US savings bonds, JGBs are fully backed by the issuing government, giving them a good credit rating and high degree of liquidity, making them popular among risk-avoiding investors.

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It is a document that informs the buyer, in a regulated way, what he or she is getting. LDI is what such entities as defined-benefit pension funds in particular engage in. With pension funds, the emphasis is on future liabilities, so the longer investment horizons of private equity funds, for example, may be an option. This acronym is meant to accentuate the implicit humour in the idea that flying around from place to place might in itself be a type of management. Most people in business, particularly in the international arena, can name plenty of individuals and companies that employ the MBFA technique.

MFS means each spouse is taxed like a single individual, which normally would result in a higher combined tax liability, but is sometimes used when it is determined that it would make more sense, for reasons having to do with income amounts, deductions etc. A managed care organisation refers to an entity, such as one located in the U.

This is achieved by such techniques as giving physicians economic incentives to select less costly forms of care; programmes for reviewing the medical necessity of specific services or treatments; etc. The concept was developed in the U. The Monetary Policy Committee is an eight-member committee of the Bank of England that, among other things, meets every month to decide the official interest rate in the U.

This rate is known as the Bank of England Base Rate. It is headed up by the Governor of the Bank of England.

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The goal was to boost transparency of the marketplace, while ensuring that consumers received advice and products best suited to their needs and desires. They are typically also undergoing rapid economic growth, often fuelled by exports. Other typical characteristics include a population that is increasingly moving from the countryside to cities, and growing rapidly.

The OECD was founded in , and now consists of 34 countries. It was created to pool the efforts of constituent countries in order to foster global economic growth and world trade. The member countries are expected to share a commitment to democracy and a market economy, thus providing a standardised platform on which to develop ideas aimed at boosting trade, identifying and promoting good practice within a specific framework, and otherwise working towards a common goal.

Delegates are encouraged to complete a learning and action plan to focus them on and help them to apply their new knowledge and skills.

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  • Participants will be able to further develop their personal management skills by being able to:. Introduction This seminar provides an understanding of the essential fundamentals of corporate finance, financial strategy and financial management.