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  • Not Dead Enough (Roy Grace, #3) by Peter James!
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  • Soap legend Bill Ward is Not Dead Enough in Manchester;

Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Not Dead Enough. Detective Superintendent Roy Grace has found the killer - hasn't he? A beautiful socialite is dead. Grace's leading suspect, her husband, was sixty miles away when she died, but all other evidence points to him. Has someone stolen his identity or is he simply a very clever liar? Grace's investigation and his budding new relationship are derailed after a reported sighting of his wife, Sandy, who has been missing for nine years. Grace desperately tries to cast light on the truth in both cases as his emotional turmoil - and the body count - grows.

Other books in this series. You Are Dead Peter James. Add to basket. Just incase there was a suspiscion of homosexuality. Feb 09, Liz rated it really liked it. The reason I keep coming back to Peter James is because he has the ability to lead me on a merry chase and keep me guessing - every time. I am constantly trying to run through various scenarios and solve the crime but he stymies me at every turn. Just when I think I have it figured out… well. Detective Superintendent Grace is a great lead. The husband is the obvious, and increasingly certain, suspect except that he has a very tight alibi 60 miles away.

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I finished it at midnight that same night. Even though Grace is the clear protagonist, the other characters are well enough developed that it creates an ensemble feeling. The story is very well plotted. The crime was satisfactorily solved, but there is still the matter of the missing wife… Perhaps in the next book, for which I am anxiously awaiting. Became a little preposterous towards the end; happily I loved it! Feb 10, Lisa M rated it it was ok.

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I only stopped reading it because I was going on holiday and don't like to take massive books. However this meant when I picked it back up today I couldn't hugely remember some of the intricacies of the plot however I did thoroughly enjoy the ending and would pick up another of his books - everyone deserves a 2nd chance and so many millions can't be wrong loving this series! I enjoyed reading this, the third in an excellent series. It got very exciting towards the end. I guessed the twin thing quite early on and when the 'twin' was found to have died my first thought was triplets and can't believe that it didn't occur to anyone else.

Apart from that little niggle I recommend the book. Mar 20, Vivian rated it really liked it. Book three in the Dectective Inspector Roy Grace series is another thrilling page turner. I love everything about this series, the characters, the setting, Peter James' writing and his inventive storylines. This one kept me reading far into the night and I've already started the next book in the series.

Very highly recommended. The experience of reading this series is absolutely improved by reading it in order. In Not Dead Enough, things get a whole lot personal and twisted for our protagonist, in a case that hits a lot closer to home than anyone, let alone Roy Grace could have expected himself. A socialite is found dead in her own home, in mysterious circumstances — a brutal murder that shows an unhealthy obsession that the killer has with sexual kinks.

And just when everything is hunky dory is in his personal life, a lightning bolt in the form his wife being spotted in another country, sends everything into a tailspin. And everything comes to a head, when he after finally finding a semblance of a balance, the killers in this current case makes this enmity highly personal; forcing DS Grace to understand his priorities.

Like the previous books, we get multiple PoVs but this time, we do not get the identity of the perpetrator — what we do get is an up and close personal look at his thoughts, his rage and his motive; though it is easy to understand how and why the killings are happening; its far more satisfying to be a part of the journey that ties all the loose threads together. Oct 02, Gavin rated it it was ok Shelves: crime-mystery-thriller. I read three of these, but it was this one that stopped me dead as the titles.

Throughout all three there were various, unpleasant "little England" views he's got a black partner! Can't be racist! I am not kidding.

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However, up to this book Roy Grace was a surprisingly likeable protagonist. Life repeatedly put shoe to scrotum and he rolled with it with a kind of endearing han I read three of these, but it was this one that stopped me dead as the titles. Life repeatedly put shoe to scrotum and he rolled with it with a kind of endearing hang-dog dignity. Was the fitty at the morgue flirting with him? Who cares! He had lives to save, dammit!

This one got on my nerves though, his partner's wife revealed herself to be the worst person in the world, and he just murps around after her buying horses as though it's meant to be funny. Which is bad. But when Grace enters a cringey, Dan Brownian wish-fulfilment relationship with a smoking hot, intelligent, wealthy woman 10 years his junior replete with uncomfortable "the author is jerkin' it" sex scene , and then dumps her and his job for a week to fly to Germany looking for a woman he hasn't seen for 8 years I just gave up caring. During my brief foray into crime fiction these three, a Rebus and a weird book by a Yorkshireman about a 'sperger and racists that I can't remember the name or author of these were probably the most fun I had, but that really isn't saying much at all.

Like with Horror, if good stuff exists please tell me.

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Oct 23, Kerry rated it liked it Shelves: thrillers. I enjoyed the book I used to live not far from the area where the book was set , but it did drag on longer than it needed to and in some places it was just plain boring.

For example and without going into too much detail to give away the plot, there was WAY too much on the Skunk character. I mean, who cares about Bethany and his relationship? Probably 50 pages that could have been avoided. You also don't find out what happens to a few of the characters, which is annoying.

What happens to Brian? Does Norman get away with anything? What does Brian think or do when he learns about Norman? Also, I just thought some of the connections were just not that believable. What makes Grace think of a twin angle, versus just any relative? Or even go down that road when he'd been noting that it was all possible for Brian to be in the same place? That the telecom company would hold up a murder investigation for 3 days?

I may or may not read another book by this author, but it was an enjoyable book to piss 3 days on. Oct 16, Ken rated it really liked it. Grace finds himself attempting to move on with his life as that milestone is fast approaching whilst juggling his career and trying to solve the latest crime that has taken place in the city. Another of the series strengths is with the great supporting cast, most notably partner and friend Glenn Branson. Every novel is littered with information on how modern day policing operates as James meticulous planning prior to each book, he also uses many of the well know locations in Sussex to full effect.

This novel is a police procedural and unfortunately I found this to be the main problem with the book as it was too procedural. It's a big story and it dragged for me and got too bogged down in the procedures to the point I sometimes felt I was reading an instruction manual. I wanted to enjoy this but I just couldn't get into it. It picked up towards the end and then seemed to get rushed to a conclusion.

Soap legend Bill Ward is Not Dead Enough in Manchester

Read to This novel is a police procedural and unfortunately I found this to be the main problem with the book as it was too procedural. Read to only maintain the series. Sep 18, Sarah added it. Same as previous one. What am I missing. The plots are sooooo slooooow.

The writing lazy Copy and paste from the previous book. Facts that are not true, descriptions of Brighton that don't fit Lazy writing and lazy editing. Not even worth 1 star. Jan 31, Gary rated it really liked it. The 3rd book in the Roy Grace series by Peter James. Having read the first three books in the series the characters are now developing very nicely which compliments the main plots. There is plenty of side issues that are going on along side the main story and keeps you wanting to read more. A good page turner and I plan to read the rest of this series.

Dec 26, Amanda rated it liked it. After reading the first two books I was a bit disappointed with this one, still chilling but for me I guessed the ending and felt the story dragged on a little, that said I am still going to read his next book!!!