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Nice, right? Joel ends up becoming best buddies with Idabel. One day he kisses her on the cheek, and they get into a fight but make up. Joel finally gets to meet his father who, it is turned out, is completely paralyzed and communicates by dropping red tennis balls out of his bed.

They roll down the stairs to alert Amy and Randolph when he needs anything. Joel reads to and feeds his father, and one day Randolph tells him that he shot his dad, and then Amy came and married him and took him back to the Landing with her.

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So basically Joel's dad is a paralyzed prisoner and Amy and Randolph have sent for Joel under false pretenses. Joel and Idabel decide to run away, and they go to the fair. They meet a small woman named Miss Wisteria at the freak show and Idabel falls in love with her. Miss Wisteria has her eye on Joel though, and a rainstorm is the only thing that saves him the little sexual predator. After the storm Joel is sick for several weeks.

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When he comes out of his fever he finds out that Idabel has run away or been sent away it's hard to know. He left school when he was fifteen and subsequently worked for the New Yorker which provided his first - and last - regular job. He is the author of many highly praised books, including A Tree of Night and Other Stories , The Grass Harp , Breakfast at Tiffany's , In Cold Blood , which immediately became the centre of a storm of controversy on its publication, Music for Chameleons and Answered Prayers , all of which are published by Penguin.

Truman Capote died in August Our Lists.

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Related titles. To Kill A Mockingbird. The Handmaid's Tale. Brave New World. A Gentleman in Moscow. Pride And Prejudice. Joel learns that Amy had only wanted Joel to live at the Landing so that Joel could provide some respite for her in the unending care of Edward. Joel's refusal to care for Edward in the way Amy would like, in addition to Joel's budding relationship with Randolph, almost completely severs any hope of a relationship between Amy and Joel.

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Joel finds friends in the Thompkins twins, Idabel and Florabel, but Joel finds himself more interested in the tomboy, Idabel, who spurns even the small romantic gestures offered by Joel. As the story progresses, both Idabel and Joel struggle with their emerging sexual identities and preferences and ultimately discover they are attracted to others of the same sex.

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By the end of the story, Randolph has managed to create a world in which Joel is completely dependent upon him and uses this bond to manipulate Joel to enter into a budding romantic relationship. Joel feels a new sense of maturity now though, and feels empowered by his experiences and the unusual love he has found in the eccentric household at Skully's Landing.

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