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In most games of patience the overall aim is to arrange all thirteen cards of each suit in order in a "family" running from ace to king. Normally the ace forms the "foundation" on which a two of the same suit is placed, followed by a three and so on. This is known as "building" and all such games are, technically, builders.

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However, in many games the cards must be assembled in reverse order on another part of the layout called the "tableau". They can then be built in the right sequence on the foundations.

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This interim process of reverse building is calling "packing". Games that use this technique are thus called "packers".

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Games that use neither technique are called "non-builders". There are also specials kinds of packer-games which may be further sub-classified as: [7]. Patience games may be classified by the degree to which the cards are revealed.

In "open" games, all the cards are visible throughout the game and the player has to use powers of analysis to solve the patience. In "closed" games, cards are drawn from a face-down stock and the player has to use judgement because the sequence of cards is unknown until they appear.

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In between is a hybrid group which Parlett calls "half-open". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Historical Card Games. David Parlett.

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Retrieved 7 January Hamburg, Germany : Herold. Illustrated Games of Patience. Patience: A Series of Games with Cards 2nd ed.

Amusement for Invalids. Dick's Games of Patience, or, Solitaire with Cards …. Bibliography [ edit ] Arnold, Peter. Card Games for One. Willowdale, Ontario: Firefly Books, Card Games Made Easy.

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Parlett, David Patience or solitaire US by family - list. Baker's Dozen Capricieuse Martha Perseverance. American Toad Duchess Eagle Wing. Pair two cards that add up to 13 in order to remove them from the board.

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Select cards in a sequence, either up or down, to earn points and clear the board. Plus, Daily Challenges.


Klondike This version is the timeless classic that many people just call "Solitaire". Spider Eight columns of cards await your attempts to clear them with the fewest moves possible. Freecell Use four extra cells to move cards around as you try to clear all cards from the table. Pyramid Pair two cards that add up to 13 in order to remove them from the board.