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In doing so, they ask whether Big Science has become too large and expensive, including whether academic scientists and their government overseers can effectively manage such an enormous undertaking. Table of Contents. List of Interviews Acknowledgments Bibliography Index.

The authors Because of my personal ties to the field and to the national lab community, I enjoyed the play-by-play account in Tunnel Visions. The SSC has lessons for all who advocate the public funding of science. Here two historians and an archivist describe the greatest particle physics experiment that never was. Tunnel Visions examines what went wrong and what lessons the failure of the SSC can impart in an era when such Big Science projects are increasingly central to scientific research.

The project was canceled in Riordan, Hoddeson, and Kolb drew upon oral histories of key participants, archival material, and press accounts to explore the reasons for the failure of this basic science enterprise, which was by far the largest and most expensive ever undertaken. Highly recommended. Other facts are drawn from published statements dating from the s to the present, or from the many archive of unpublished evidence.

It is not the first history of the SSC, but it is likely to be the last word on the subject.

Inventory of Superconducting super collider records from Economic Business Research,

The historians not only witnessed the rise and fall of the gigaproject but also conducted and critically analyzed about one hundred interviews into the fate of the SSC. It seems gargantuan projects in physics are not impossible nowadays. The authors, by giving CERN as an example, argue that, nevertheless, in order to succeed, these giga-projects have to be organized in a way completely different from those in the past. A Big Science project of the XXI century can no longer be the exclusive fantasy of a visionary; it must be a multifaceted global enterprise of social and political proportions.

That requires society as a whole to determine the worth of knowledge. And to figure out who will pay for its pursuit. Charles Public Library.

To request reproductions or inquire about permissions, contact: St. Charles, IL ; Phone Please cite the item title and collection name. Thumbnails Content Superconducting Super Collider.

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Index to articles. Index to articles cont. New science discovery could Easing the pain of SSC relocations. Study to aid bid for SSC.

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Kaneland won't back SSC; Keep objection in perspective. SSC opponents brave weather. SSC opponents brave weather cont. Protect Illinois' lead in Proposed location for the SSC.


Super collider no threat. SSC critics wait site choice. SSC critics wait site choice Study: SSC cheaper in Illinois. Iowa supporting Illinois SSC bid. SSC foes ask city to join their Illinois Association of Realtors County Democratic chairman denies Fermi scientists refute SSC Budget Crunch Stalls Super Group reacts to supercollider. Proponents lobby for SSC. CATCH president urges county to Anticollider group sues state for Report: SSC may require less CATCH sues to obtain information.

Supercollider's impact feared.

CATCH stays committed to placing States gambling for high-tech SSC Collider site could be altered, SSC survives 'death' bill aimed Wayne backs effort to review SSC SSC panelists greeted by familiar SSC to fit in with locale More than testify during SSC Key Collider Dates.

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