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Effective music PR begins with a good artist bio.

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Our favorite moments from a weekend full of music community, education, and performances. In , the best and biggest conference for independent musicians moved from Nashville to Austin. From August The best music distribution just got better. That gives Pity the poor EP, that oft-overlooked music format; the middle child between the single and Editors Picks.

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Greg Majewski. Joe Hoten. How to write a stand-out biography and what it can do for your music career! A good strategy is to do 3 press releases, each serving a distinct but complimentary purpose if you're also trying to push a single before your album, a press release for the single is customary a few weeks before you announce the full album details :.

Otherwise you're just kind of banging the drum -- then again, banging the drum is how you raise awareness in the first place, so Research and make a thorough list of email contacts for all the Music Blogs , Magazines and local press outlets you want to send a press release to. Make sure either the entirety of your album or whatever select songs you want to share are properly hosted at a linkable source such as Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

Compose a paragraph or two announcing, describing and tastefully hyping your upcoming Album. Compose an email to yourself that looks something like this:. A paragraph or two describing and tastefully hyping your new album.

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Be honest. Be thoughtful. What are the handful of most important and most original things you can say about it? Where was your album recorded? What makes this album of yours special? The things you say in this section of your press release will often be used verbatim by people writing about your release, so one approach is to write this section as though you were the music writer!

Not a great writer? Ask a friend who knows your music to help! If you have rich-text-editing capabilities in your email service like Gmail , Yahoo or Mac mail , be sure to give the layout some Pop! If you need help inserting images into your email, here are instructions for Gmail , Yahoo , Mac mail , and Outlook.

Test it by sending it to yourself. Make sure your links are working! Using the BCC field on an email addressed to yourself is recommended for bulk email send-outs. If you have specific blogs that you want to connect with, it's a good idea to send an email addressed exclusively to each one, personalizing it however you see fit. Start thinking about how you can make your "friendly reminder" stand out.

Just remember: publicity outlets are under no obligation to be - or stay - in touch. It's safe to assume that if someone wants to write about your music, they'll let you know. The best follow up is another Press Release or two , up to and through your release date, anytime you have something press-worthy to add videos, remixes, tour dates, press or social media blurbs! The benefits are the custom formatting they offer, as well as, if you're into it, the detailed analytics they provide you about who is checking out your email and what they're clicking on.

One potential disadvantage is that these services make it easy for the bloggers you're sending it to to "unsubscribe", and many will SubmitHub is a service that attempts to connect your goal of getting your music heard by music bloggers to the music bloggers interest in being financially rewarded for taking the time to listen to your music. Credits get cheaper the more you buy. Either way, with SubmitHub you get the statistical satisfaction of seeing if and when your song has been at least listened to by any of the blogs in their network.

StoryAmp is a free service that helps tailor your press release s and tour date info to Music Journalists and media outlets. Promoting your music through a service like StoryAmp - especially if you're touring - can be a nice compliment to your own DIY music blog send outs. Simply being able to afford one is oftentimes not enough.

They have to want to work with you. And if they've never heard of you, and you have no inside connections, they probably won't be interested. Is it worth a shot? Try sending an introductory email with listen-links to any of the Radio Agencies you'd like to hire. Typical Radio campaigns are a few thousand dollars sometimes less, depending on duration and whether or not you're sending out physical copies.

If you're one of the majority of bands who can not afford, or can not pique the interest of, a Radio Agent, getting your music considered by radio stations depends on you. Submit your music to Pandora.

The DIY Music Manual. Randy Chertkow & Jason Feehan

Upload a few of your tracks to the always-influential L. Research and make a thorough list of email addresses for all the College Radio and Internet Radio stations you'd like to contact. Make sure a stream of your album is properly hosted at a linkable source such as Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Upload a.

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Compose a paragraph or two announcing, describing and tastefully hyping your Album can be the same as your Press Release. Name of Track 1 Track 1 duration - for example: 2. Name of Track 2 Track 2 duration 3. Test it by sending it yourself. If you have specific stations that you want to connect with, send an email addressed specifically to them.

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I recently submitted some music to you guys and was wondering whether you'd had a chance to listen to it The "Search Engine Optimization for Music" theory is that your music is not something people discover on the web through random searches "indie rock", "chill electronica" - rather, that people discover your music first through friends, playlists, shows, blogs etc and then take to search engines to search specifically for you. So it's your goal to ensure that when you're being searched for, you can be found.

Here is a bare bones strategy for optimizing your searchability for more elaborate ideas, check out Dan Shure's fantastic "Music SEO - 7 Lessons in Brand Optimization for " article :.

How To Start A Record Label In 5 Minutes Plus Tips And Tricks

Having your own Website, dedicated to your music, full of all of your keywords that the bots can crawl and index, is the fundamental way you can create and control your presence on the web. There are many options for how to do this, but here are 3 blueprints:. A Wordpress : Sign up for free, pick a theme, customize it with their customization tools and start putting your content in. You can also buy more advanced templates for Wordpress on their site or on ThemeForest. Be sure to tag your posts! Best practice is to select your host first and then register your domain through them - it's usually the best deal.

There are a number of things you can do to make sure your music is indexed and optimized for search. Here's a checklist:.

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SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Tumblr, Wordpress etc all allow to tag your content on their services with keywords, so be sure to do it! In promoting your music, you should use any and all Social Media services that speak to you -- there are no rules! SoundCloud makes your music searchable, accessible, linkable and embeddable. If you look at sites like Pitchfork and Stereogum , the vast majority of the music they promote is being hosted by SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is also a cool forum for connecting - it has all the follow, re-post, like and comment features of a social network, plus you can send tracks to music media outlets and other artists on SoundCloud via SoundCloud Messaging.